Monday, September 28, 2009

Gooseberry and It's a hard Knock life

Well, we sruvived Goosebery. Madison and I spent two days in Goosebery learning about wildlife, preventing forest fires, and learning how to use a compass, well Madsion learned, I have never been able to figure those out. Tom came up for dinner on Thursday night and then Annie Bangs made her appearance, after a few tears and a long night in a cabin we made it home. We had a great time. It was one of those full circle moments for meI went to Gossebery as a 3rd grader, and now my daughter has been. good times!

Madison danced at a JV football game with her summer dance group. The dance was so much fun and the girls just love performing it. They danced to a Hard Knock Life from Annie. All of the girls were dressed like orphans and they did an awesome job.
The top pictures is of Madison and three of her cousins that were in her dance class. These four girls always have so much fun together no matter what they are doing.

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