Thursday, August 21, 2014

First day of School '14-'15

 I still can't believe that school has started again already…where did our summer go? In spite of the fact that I was not ready for them to go back, I would love to keep them home with me all the time, but I know that home school would never work, and they would never forgive me since they really do like school, I sent them back.  By far the worst day of the year for me!

 Madison is in 8th grade this year..gulp.. It seems as though I was just in 8th grade myself and now my own daughter is there, may that makes me feel old.  She wasn't super excited to go back this year for the school part anyway, but to see friends everyday is the reason most of us went to school anyway.  She had a great first day.  She was bummed when she found out that she had a bottom locker.  She had a top one in 6th grade when she could hardly see to put her combo in and had a bottom in 7th.  What happened to all 8th graders having top lockers? She loves to be busy and has already started traveling volleyball as well as pitching practice, she will also take dance, pointe and piano lessons this year.  She handles everything very well along with being so kind, talented and beautiful.  I LOVE having a teenager at our house!

 Emma will be in 5th grade! How is she this old?  She is by far the shortest student in her grade, and she loves it.  In her words "you get all the attention and when you get older you can date any of the boys".  Smart girl I say.  She had a great first day and is so excited to have a teacher who loves writing. He has encouraged them to write in their journal everyday this year and she has taken that to heart.  I love that she will be able to look back at those memories when she is older. She loves to ride her bike to school since she hates the "stinky bus".  I don't blame her.  She is excited to take dance lessons again this year and Piano lessons.  She hates to be busy and definitely needs her down time.  Her traditional jump picture looks as if she is levitating.  Love it, and love her!

C.J. is in 3rd grade this year.  He was definitely the most nervous about the first day of school.  New school, new class, but he did awesome and had a great day!  He was excited to earn 2 busy bucks on the first day and can't wait until he can use them to buy things at the class store.  He has a great teacher this year and some friends from his class last year.  He loves recess where he can play with Caleb.  He is excited to start playing soccer next week and even more for the field trip to Gooseberry.  I love the Gooseberry tradition and that it has hardly changed since I went at a 3rd grader.  Man oh man do I love this boy!  He is so kind and considerate of others and tells me he love me about 10 times a day, I hope that never changes.

Allie doesn't start preschool until September so we are enjoying our time together.  She only asked me about 14 times when the kids were going to be home, that was by 10 o'clock in the mooring.  It will take some time for her to adjust for sure.  We like reading stories, doing puzzles, and playing with Jessa.

We are off to a great start and I am excited to see what this new year will bring for all of us!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jessa's Blessing

Our sweet baby Jessa was given a name and a blessing by her dad on June 8, 2014.  It was such a special day.  She was so good during her blessing.  We had so many members of our family that were able to join us for this special day.

We had lunch at the Youth Center that afternoon and she slept in her car seat the entire time.  Since grandma and grandpa Bogh are serving a mission they couldn't be with us.  Jessa spent the day wrapped in this beautiful blanket that grandma made for her.  We missed them, but are so grateful for their example of service and love.

We absolutely love this sweet new addition to our family!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Easter Sunday

We love Easter Sunday.  Our sweet neighbor brought this cute bunny blanket to Jessa.  It was perfectly fitting for the holiday.
Emma made an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  Each egg contained scriptures relating to Easter and the death and resurrection of the Savior.  It was so fun to watch Emma serve them and teach each of us through the scriptures.
Later we headed to G&G Thalman's house for the traditional Easter dinner and Egg hunt.  Everything is always more fun with cousins.

Each month we celebrate birthdays at G&G's house.  Allie and Jessa are the only April birthdays, so Allie was excited to blow out the candles. 
So blessed that all five of these sweet kids call me mom.  So blessed to know that they are mine forever!

Friday, May 23, 2014

We colored eggs per our easter tradition.  The kids took a little more time this year decorating and making them look just right.  It was really so fun.  I love that my kids like to spend time together.

We also found the most darling Easter Bunny at our house.
The Easter Bunny always visits our house on Saturday.  This year was no exception.

The chocolate bunnies are always a favorite.  
When Allie was opening her chocolate bunny it broke.  Without hesitation C.J. offered her his perfect bunny.  This boy never ceases to amaze me with his giving heart and loving spirit.  He would do anything for his sisters and and friends.  I am so blessed that he is my Son.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

chalk and popcorn

Since Jessa was born just a few days before Spring Break started for the kids we have been trying to think of easy things to do at home.  Sidewalk chalk is always a favorite.  Apparently Cardinal fans are not welcome in our driveway, at least according to Emma.
Allie has been obsessed with "popcorn" trees thing year. They really are so beautiful.  She always points them out wherever we go.

She is serious about her chalk art.
Madison's contribution

Baby Jessa just looking adorable as always  It still shocks me thats she looks so much like C.J. and Tom.  I guess I was just expecting her to look more like my other girls.  Aren't genetics so interesting.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Baby Watching

We have been doing a lot of baby watching around our house.
This baby of our sure does sleep a lot.  When her eyes are open and she is not eating everyone wants to see her eyes.  But soon enough she is fast asleep again.  But we still stare at her and why not?  She is such a darling baby!
and no one loves being a big sister more than our Allie,  she is totally smitten !

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jessa 1 month

I can't believe that this tiny love is one month old already. We are having so much fun with her in our family!
She still sleeps a lot and loves to be held.

C.J. waned this picture taken with her.  He seriously loves this baby so much.  If he is holding her and she cries I will ask if he want me to take her, he always says "no, i'm oaky". And he almost always is able to calm her down.  I have never seen her so relaxed as she has been in his arms.
She thinks that she need to grow up to fast though.  She is doing really well at holding her head up already.